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Gran parte del trabajo de Casa Esther para atender las necesidades de la comunidad incluye derivar a personas y familias a otros recursos en nuestra área.  A menudo nos asociamos con otras agencias  y / u organizaciones para satisfacer la necesidad.

A continuación se encuentran otras organizaciones asociadas del área que apoyan las necesidades de nuestra comunidad.



Peacebuilding and Catholic principles of non-violence are essentials to Casa Esther's work.

Working with other peace organizations, Casa Esther has developed a number of educational series for and with university faculty and students.  These series include the relationship between nonviolent strategies and the climate crisis and many injustices in our world.

These conversational explorations are based on Catholic Social Teaching, including Pope Francis' encyclical, Laudato Si', (2015) and the role of active nonviolence in Pope Francis' ecological vision for people and our planet.

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​​The Intersection of
Nonviolence & Care for Creation
Fall 2023

Sermons: About
Sermons: Video Player

The Catholic Nonviolence Initiative
Fall 2022

“Blessed Are the Peacemakers” 

A 2022 Lenten Exploration of Gospel Nonviolence & Why it Matters

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